Hornet XD CNC Plasma Cutter

Hornet XD CNC Plasma Cutter
Hornet XD CNC Plasma Cutter
Hornet XD CNC Plasma Cutter
Hornet XD CNC Plasma Cutter
Hornet XD CNC Plasma Cutter
Hornet XD CNC Plasma Cutter
Hornet Mega 2000 CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

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Hornet XD CNC Plasma Cutter

The Hornet XD CNC plasma cutter combines strength and superior motion control to create a high performance plasma and/or oxy-fuel table.

The Hornet XD CNC plasma cutter is built for strength. Powerful 480V AC SERVO motors drive a stress-relieved, machined beam along structural I-beam mounted rails. The result is a CNC plasma machine with superior durability and reduced maintenance.

The Hornet XD provides superior motion control in its class. The drive system consists of AC SERVO motors, low-backlash planetary gearboxes, and helical rack and pinion. Dual linear ways on the cross-axis provide smooth and precise motion. Hornet Cutting Systems’ Z-axis lifters use precision ballscrews and magnetic seals for accuracy and durability.

Strength, precision motion control, and high-quality components make the Hornet  XD the most durable robust CNC plasma machine in its class. That is performance you and your company can depend on.

The Hornet XD CNC plasma cutting machine is available in 5’ (1.5 m), 6.6’ (2 m), 8.2’ (2.5 m) and 10’ (3 m) widths. Lengths of over 100’ (30 m) can be supplied.

Plasma Torch Cutting

The Hornet XD CNC plasma cutting machine is configured with the Hypertherm full suite of products including Hypertherm plasma systems (up to 400A), Hypertherm Edge Connect CNC control, and Hypertherm plasma height control technology. Use of the Full Suite ensures delivery of the latest Hypertherm technology, most reliable integration of system components, most consistent plasma performance, and the best system diagnostics.

Hornet Cutting Systems’ Contour Bevel System creates 360° contour plasma bevel cuts up to ± 45 degrees. Hornet Cutting Systems’ design can produce any part design without unwinding the leads. With the Contour Bevel System manufacturers can make A, V, Y, K, X and gradual bevel cuts. Cuts can be made up to 45 degrees on rotational axes.

The Hornet Cutting Systems plasma torch lifter and Hypertherm SENSOR torch height control software are tightly integrated to deliver a full featured precision system delivering positioning speeds of 600 IPM.

Oxy-Fuel Torch Cutting

The Hornet XD is capable of carrying up to four oxy-fuel cutting torches for cutting up to 4” (100mm) steel.

The Hypertherm CNC control on the Hornet XD includes oxy-fuel cut chart support that is specific to the type of oxy-fuel torch, material type, and thickness. The gas pressures and timing sequences in the cut charts control the electronic pressure transducers and solenoid valves. The operator selects torch type, material type, fuel gas, and material thickness from the Process Selection drop down fields.

The Hornet Cutting Systems Electronic Gas Manifold is designed for the most demanding oxy-fuel cutting applications. The package delivers rapid pierce times, excellent cut face surface, reduced spatter during piercing, elimination of top edge rounding, and optimal cutting speeds.

The Hornet Cutting Systems motorized oxy-fuel lifter station with heavy-duty AC motor and lead screw drive is designed for heavy-duty production cutting.

Plasma & Oxy-fuel Cutting Stations

The Hornet XD can be configured with one master carriage and expanded to have up to three slave carriages. Each slave carriage can carry either a plasma or oxy-fuel torch. The Hornet XD carriages can be configured with a maximum of two plasma systems and a maximum of four oxy-fuel torches.

The Hornet XD has the ability to mark with plasma or air scribe. Hypertherm’s ArcWriter is a dual gas, variable output power, plasma marking, scoring, and punching system designed to leave temporary or permanent identification marks on metal surfaces. Meanwhile, The air scribe marker uses a vibrating tungsten carbide tip point mounted to a pneumatic ram to mark the metal.

Precision Cutting

Powerful dual-side EtherCAT motors combined with low backlash planetary gear boxes and helical rack and pinion drives move the gantry of the Hornet XD along the X and Y axes at speeds up to 1,000 IPM (25.4m/min).

Our AC servo drives use a SERCOS fiber optic interface system to ensure optimum control and precision.


The Hornet XD CNC plasma cutting machine is constructed from heavy-duty steel. The tongue and groove rails are supported by structural “I” beams, and the gantry is custom machined.

Electrical cables and gas hoses on the Hornet XD are protected by sheet metal covers and enclosed flexible cable carriers. Exposed cables are organized by metal tie downs.

Hornet Cutting Systems understands that whenever your cutting machine is down it is costing you money. With each machine, we offer on-site installation, six months labor, and 24 months for replacement parts.

Ease of Use

The Hornet XD comes standard with a rotatable attached operator station. The Hornet XD is also available with a remote pedestal operator station. Each operator station includes a 15” LCD touch-screen monitor, industrial keyboards, mouse, and E-Stop button. If needed, the operator station also includes an oxy-fuel operator control panel and a dust collector Start/Stop button.

The Hornet XD CNC plasma cutting machine utilizes Hypertherm’s Phoenix motion control software on a Windows-based platform.

Remote help allows operators to connect to Hornet Cutting Systems’ technical support via the internet in less than a minute from the convenience of the operator station. With the remote help feature Hornet Cutting Systems technicians can virtually review settings, review setups, review part programs, perform software updates, perform HPRXD diagnostics, provide technical training, and observe CNC screens while running the machine.

CNC Plasma Tables

All our CNC cutting tables are fabricated from heavy-duty steel and built to last.

Hornet Cutting Systems AeroCLEAN zoned downdraft cutting tables are configured with industrial-grade fume extraction systems. Zoned-downdraft tables are the most effective method of capturing thermal cutting emissions and maintaining a clean and safe work environment.

A more economical option than the AeroCLEAN is Hornet Cutting Systems HydroCLEAN water tables. The HydroCLEAN still reduces the amount of smoke generated from oxy-fuel and plasma cutting arcs.

Hornet XD Options

Operators Station

  • Remote Pedestal

Plasma Cutting

  • Plasma Systems up to 400 Amps (2 max)
  • Manual Bevel Attachment or Contour Bevel System
  • Arc Shield
  • Air Dryer
  • Air Pressure Booster

Oxy-Fuel Cutting

  • Torch Height Control
  • Electronic High/Low Preheat
  • Auto Ignition
  • Bevel Attachment


  • Air Scribe
  • Electro-Pneumatic Drill
  • Arc Writer

Cutting Tables

  • AeroCLEAN Multi-Zoned Down Draft Table
  • HydroCLEAN Water Table w/ Adjustable Water Level
  • Dust Collection Systems


  • Hypertherm CAM


  • Drive Refrigeration
  • Vortex Cooler


  • Automatic Lubrication Systems
  • Servo Driven Slave Carriage
  • Cross-Hair Laser Pointer
  • Remote Control

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