Hornet Roto 2000 CNC Plasma Pipe Cutting Machine

Hornet Roto 2000 CNC Plasma Pipe Cutting Machine
Hornet Roto 2000 CNC Plasma Pipe Cutting Machine
Hornet Roto 2000 CNC Plasma Pipe Cutting Machine
Hornet Roto 2000 CNC Plasma Pipe Cutting Machine
Hornet Mega 2000 CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

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Roto 2000 CNC


Hornet Roto 2000 CNC Plasma Pipe Cutting Machine

The Roto Hornet 2000 CNC plasma pipe cutting machine is designed to handle your heavy-duty pipe cutting needs.

The Roto Hornet 2000 was designed and developed to increase production and improve accuracy for your pipe cutting needs. Our innovative pneumatic pipe loading table, Hypertherm’s plasma systems, the Hypertherm CAM Rotary Tube Pro software, and our heavy-duty design are combined to produce one of the industry’s best pipe cutting machine.

The Roto Hornet 2000 can cut pipe between 2″ (50 mm) and 24″ (610 mm) in diameter and from 10′ to over 40′ in length.

CNC Plasma Pipe Cutter Standard Features

Head Stock

  • 2″ (50 mm) to 24″ (610 mm) pipe holding capacity
  • Three jaw scroll chuck
  • Adjustable chuck position
  • High-powered AC servomotor
  • 30 RPM chuck rotation
  • Hypertherm Edge Connect CNC control with Phoenix CNC software
  • Heavy-wall tubular frame
  • EtherCAT digital interface
  • 1,000 IPM (2 5m/min) rapid traverse speed
  • Through-the-chuck smoke extraction
  • One button system homing
  • Innovative roller pipe loading system


  • Heavy-wall tubular frame
  • AC servomotor and planetary gearbox drive system for smooth precise motion
  • 3/4″ (19 mm) gear rack and pinion
  • Hypertherm SENSOR electronics lifter

Remote CNC Pedestal and Control

  • Full featured operator control panel
  • Hypertherm Edge Connect CNC Controller
  • Panel mounted 15″ (38 mm) flat panel touch screen
  • Hypertherm Phoenix CNC software
  • Remote help via the internet
  • Wireless network connectivity
  • Industrial keyboard and mouse
  • Heavy-gauge steel construction
  • Wheels for easy maneuverability of pedestal
  • Desktop for writing surface and placing notebooks

Machined Rail and Pipe Support System

  • Effective cutting length up to 40′ (12.2 m)
  • 30 mm dual linear way on rail axis
  • 3/4″ (19 mm) wide gear rack
  • Heavy-wall steel construction
  • Enclosed flexible cable carriers
  • Movable/lockable idler roll position
  • Hardened urethane wheel material for maximum durability

Machine Options

  • Plasma Systems up to 400 Amps
  • Contour bevel system
  • Trolley cantilever add-on to enable 6-axis motion
  • Hypertherm CAM Rotary Tube Pro parametric pipe cutting software
  • Cross-hair laser alignment tool
  • Pipe loading system
  • Air Scribe Marker station
  • Dust Collection Systems

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