Cobot Arms

Kassow Robots develop and produce uniquely efficient industrial collaborative lightweight robots with 7 axes. Despite their large reach, Kassow Robots are extremely powerful, fast and suitable for use in small spaces. What is more, they enable small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to achieve complex automation and programming flexibly, independently and cost-effectively.

Kassow offer a wide range of models to help all manufacturing companies, SMEs in particular produce even more competitively using cobots in a multitude of ways.

What makes Kassow robots special: Unlike other robot manufacturers, whose portfolios usually feature only six-axis models, Kassow exclusively make robots with 7 fully controlled axes. These 7 axes give you much more flexibility, as they enable our robot arms to far better replicate the movement of a real human arm.

This means that Kassow robots can not only move an object in a straight line from A to B, but can also follow a curved path at a specified speed. This offers real advantages, for instance when it comes to tasks such as welding, painting and gluing, or where particular manoeuvrability is required (e.g. when loading machining centres in confined spaces).

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