Mandrel Pipe Bender – Types, How it Works and Advantages

Mandrel Pipe Bender

Mandrel pipe bender is a standard bending solution currently used by many manufacturing industries. From diverse applications to automotive exhaust, exercise equipment, and aerospace, mandrel bending is a one-stop solution for almost all bending journeys.

Mandrel Pipe Bending Machines

Types of Mandrel Pipe Benders

  • Plug Mandrel Pipe BendersPlug mandrel prevents the pipe from flattening, wrinkles or kinks in the process of bending. It is easy to maintain and cost-savvy also.
  • Form Mandrel -When more support is needed, we opt for a Form mandrel. It helps the pipe to get a proper and perfect curve.
  • Ball Mandrel – It is used to support the pipe beyond the tangent. Ball mandrel helps in the critical and precise bending process.
  • Sand Mandrel – We use this mandrel to prevent the pipe from collapsing and retain the pipe’s contrariety during bending. In this, we stuff pipe from both ends and apply heat to make it pliable.

How Mandrel Pipe Bender works

A mandrel pipe bender is the same as a regular tube bender. We place the mandrel in a pipe or tube at the point of the bend. We have some different types of mandrels, but we use a straight rod that contains many flexible balls most of the time.

Before bending the pipe, our selected mandrel needs to match the pipe’s diameter. And it should be up to 1.5 times the diameter of the pipe. Then Use a soft mandrel if you are bending hard tubing and a hard mandrel if you are bending soft tubing.

It is how the process begins. Once the mandrel is placed inside the pipe, we push the pipe against the former diet with pressure, and the wiper dies to get the required angle.

The whole purpose of using a mandrel pipe or tube bender is to keep away wrinkling concerns in bending.  With more pressure on the pipe, you can almost eliminate the risk of wrinkling in pipe or tube bending

However, if you still face the same problem, you need to take these steps into cogitation.

  • Check the mandrel insertion rate
  • The amount of lubrication you use
  • Check the condition of the wiper die
  •  Or maybe, Wrong mandrel for the type of pipe metal

These points will be a problem solver for your bending the pipe. Moreover, you should know that Mandrel pipe benders cannot help with the rebounding process like other pipe benders.


Mandrel Pipe Bender

Benefits of using Mandrel pipe or tube bender

Mandrel pipe bending offers several advantages. Out of them, one of the best advantages is it supports pipe or tube during their bending approach. Mandrel pipe bending helps in averting the most common problems and issues related to pipe or tube bending.

It is a specific type of pipe bending machine that maintains the pipe bending diameter. Primarily, we use mandrel pipe benders to prevent it from flattening and other general bending problems, such as wrinkles, buckling and kinks. This machinery gives support to the pipe and grips it energetically in the groove of the bend die.

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