4 Steps to add Machine Oil in Machinery

4 Steps to add Machine Oil in Machinery

Machinery should fill the engine oil regularly to ensure that it functions correctly. Running the machinery without oil can cause irreversible damage to the bearings and may even break down and hinder your business. To save money and time in your busy schedule, it’s a good idea to learn how to add machine oil to machinery and understand different ways of protecting your equipment from damage.

How to add oil to Heavy Machinery

Identify Machine Oil

Firstly, you need to choose your machine oil for machinery. It should be correspondent to the heavy machine being topped up. Then you need to select a proper transfer container for the machine oil. Before using this container, make sure it is clean and safe.

Now, put it into an S&R container. It has been sitting around with the lid off, collecting dirt particles or moisture.

It would help if you did not mistake using the same S&R container for all your machinery oils process.

After filling the S&R container, seal the spout. And clean spilled oil on the outside of the container.

Keep the container protected because you make your way through the plant.

In the end, determine how much oil the machine requires. This will help you with an indication of how much oil was lost and how much was added. In this way, you will save extra oil in the future.

4 Steps to add Machine Oil in Machinery

Free of Contamination

You should ensure the machinery area is free of contaminants before topping up. Then verify the machine oil tag to tag on the S&R container. If they match, then add oil; otherwise, not.

Using the wrong oil can be catastrophic to equipment. Once you have the right machine oil, confirm that it is safe for use before touching the equipment.

Then check the correct place and clean dirt, debris, product, water, etc., from the opening before exposing the machine.

You can use a sight glass to monitor the oil level. It should be clean and enable you to see the level.

Adding Machine Oil

Now, you need to open the fill port slowly. And keep a check for any potential contaminants that might enter the machine system.

Use the container’s spout to fill the port’s hole without making contact. And start adding machine oil slowly. Check the level indicator and track how much oil is added.

As you see a rise in the oil level, stop filling to let the level catch up. Then, Close the spout, replace the cap or plug and wipe up any spilled oil.

Check the Top-up

Check the amount of oil you added for future reference. Clean all S&R containers and verify that the identification tags are unbroken and noticeable.

Now, put the machine oil containers to their designation.

It would be best to revisit the machine about an hour after adding machine oil to check the equipment’s level, leakage, functioning, or any issue you might have missed. You can make a checklist and keep it in your practice.

While topping up, if the machine was in motion, there is a possibility of fluctuation in oil level. In this case, you need to adjust the oil level accordingly.

S&R containers can help you in preventing the possibility of contaminants from entering your system. Make sure to purchase these containers dedicated to specific work areas and lubricant types.

Machine Oil in Machinery

Wrapping Up

The machine manufacturer should be involved in all phases of the machine oil change process. This involvement starts with contacting them to determine the proper service and replacement schedules.

Moreover, The technician who performs the oil change is responsible for the following:

1) applying the machine oil

2) rechecking the machine and piston rings

3) adjusting the tension on any series or parallel shafts

4) disconnecting any auto level or auto vacuum systems.

Our machine oil is suitable for heavy machinery where high-temperature conditions are expected. The oil is fully synthetic, making it highly resistant to heat and providing long-term lubrication.

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