WAUSEON – 1004EL – Electric End Forming Machine

WAUSEON - 1005HY - 5-hit Hydraulic End Forming Machine

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WAUSEON – 1004EL – Electric End Forming Machine

1000 Series Electric Four Stroke End Former Machine for most endforms up to 1” (26mm) diameter tube*

The 1004EL Electric End Forming Machine has 7 tons of ram force and 9 tons of tube clamp force, similar to our other 1000 series end formers. New to this 4-hit machine is an increased ram velocity of 14″ per second, compared to the previous 9″ per second, which provides users with a cycle rate improvement. The latest industry innovations are now included as standard features, rather than options, to ensure our customers are operating as efficiently as possible.

*Maximum tube diameter is dependent upon endform type, and tubing material type, grade, and wall thickness.

The 1004EL end forming machine accommodates up to 1″ diameter tubes. The end formers are ideal for forming beads (front, back, double, single, Jiffy-Tite, SAE J1231, swages / reductions, expansions, flares (SAE J533), and combination endforms such as SAE J2044 Quick Connects, among several other endforms.

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