OSCAM – Rod Bending Machine – Model K60 [Made in Italy]

OSCAM - Rod Bending Machine - Model K60 [Made in Italy]

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OSCAM – Rod Bending Machine – Model K60 [Made in Italy]

Model for bending all types of iron with a diameter greater than 50 mm.

Suitable for processing iron for large projects (dams, airports, power plants, etc.)

With a single rotation direction and  EASY ANGLE electronic programmer as standard

The electronic programmer Easy Angle is studied for the management of the bending cycle on bending machines and mesh bending machines.

It can be connected to a barcode reader or to a serial port to import working data (bending angles and number of pieces to produce)

It is possible to schedule the bending sequence of the main processed shapes as well as any desired shape.

Equipped with:

  • Countercycle of the produced pieces with automatic stopping system at the end of the scheduled production
  • Auto-diagnostic system visualized on the display that shows possible anomalies
  • Possibility to adjust the angles without changing the set values up to +/- 9°. Particularly suitable when you have to process different types of iron.

It can be used on the mesh bending machines, combined cutting/bending machines,  and bending machines.

With two bending speeds: SLOW for rods with a large diameter or a long bending side,  FAST: for rods with a small diameter and a short bending side.

  • Slow: 5 seconds to execute 180° angles
  • Fast: 4 seconds for bends up to 180°
  • The complete range of pins, bushes and rollers supplied with the machine allows to execute all the desired bends and angles and any kind of shape. The machine is equipped with an epicycloidal reduction unit with very high performance levels that minimises consumption ensuring a long service life with virtually no maintenance.

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