OSCAM – Rod Bending Machine G-FAST [made in Italy]

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OSCAM – Rod Bending Machine G-FAST [made in Italy]

Automatic rod bending machine to bend all types of iron, up to a diameter of 22 mm.

Particularly suited for stirrup bending operations and for cement layers.

Special bending system designed and patented by Oscam, which employs a fixed central pin, the rods are neither dragged nor ribbed during bending and this allows to maintain high precision levels.

Create any bending angle and have an automatic return to the starting point.

Exceptional strength, proven durability and ease of use and simple maintenance.

It is supplied with a remote control pedal and, upon request, can be supplied with a split pin for right-angle bends.

Bending time: 1,6 seconds for a 180° bend

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