OFMER – Stirrup Bending Machine PS16 A/C [Made in Italy]

OFMER - Stirrup Bending Machine PS16 A/C [Made in Italy]
OFMER - Stirrup Bending Machine PS16 A/C [Made in Italy]
OFMER - Stirrup Bending Machine PS16 A/C [Made in Italy]





Stirrup Bending Machine PS16 A/C

OF.ME.R. Stirrup Bending Machines represent ideal solutions for the professionals who need to process very small bars (max. Ø16mm).
The working speed and the possibility to bend together up to 10 bars Ø4mm make them suitable for high production of stirrups.

The self-breaking motors, installed on all Stirrup Bending Machines and strictly made in Italy, designed to optimize and enhance the working capacity of each unit, such as the electrical components, of the best available brands.

Our team of engineers puts its expertise at the disposal of the Customer, to make changes to the basic model – where necessary – and satisfy the needs and peculiarities of each market.

The Stirrup Bending Machine PS16 Angle Control has an electrical panel with computerized preselection, thanks to which it’s possible to program in very easy and rapid way up to 20 bending angles, that will be executed in sequence.

This machine is endowed with a stirrup bending bracket, to bend more bars together, and with a stirrup linear measurer.

Standard Equipment:

  • Two bush holding pins in special hardened and cemented steel, to be positioned on the working top together with bushes, with the function to support the effort coming from the phase of bending;
  • Two bushes, to be used as a thickness for the bending bush holding pin, in case the alignment of the bar is ineffective. In this way, the rod is blocked, but the rotation of the bush on the pin allows the sliding of the bar during the bend, avoiding possible rubbings;
  • A set of Allen keys, for ordinary maintenance;
    An electrical pedal, to facilitate the work to the operator permitting him to keep his hands free and work from all sides of the machine;
  • Two mushroom button switches, to immediately stop the machine in case of emergency. They are positioned on two opposite sides of the automatic stirrup bending machines;
  • A set of wheels, for the machine handling;
  • An industrial plug, that guarantees the electrical connection;
  • A stirrup linear measurer, necessary to determine the length of each side of the stirrup.
  • A stirrup bending bracket, to be positioned on the turning plate through the screws supplied with the equipment. It grants the fixing of the bar on the working top and determines the curving radius;
  • A movable socket, for the electrical connection.

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