YLM – Laser Tube Fit 3D Pro

YLM - Laser Tube Fit 3D Pro
YLM - Laser Tube Fit 3D Pro
YLM - Laser Tube Fit 3D Pro
YLM - Laser Tube Fit 3D Pro
YLM - Laser Tube Fit 3D Pro
YLM - Laser Tube Fit 3D Pro

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YLM Laser Tube Fit 3D Pro

YLM Laser cutting machine answering to diversified cutting demands, is helpful and practical to users in field of automotive, furniture, medical and sport, etc.

YLM Laser  3D, Fiber Laser Tube Cutting machine, automatic loading fiber laser tube cutting machine

  • Suitable for the laser tube cutting of various metal materials.
  • Fully automatic tube loading / unloading.
  • Automatic tube length detecting system.
  • Fully automatic electric jaw.
  • Automatic calibration for cutting head height.
  • Fully automatic parameter adjustment makes operation more convenience.

Features of Machine:

  • The specially designed software allows the operator to design the desired graphs on characters with ease, then machining can be conducted immediately.
  • By using the specially designed CAD/CAM automatic program design software in combination with automatic nested software, material can be fully utilised for saving material cost.
  • The automatic height adjustment function enables the focal length to be maintained at a constant status, thus ensuring the consistency of cutting quality.
  • 3D tilt cutting function allows multiple tubes to joint precisely. The function is also applied for beveled edges welding.
  • Small heating area on the workpiece eliminates workpiece deformation problems.
  • The enclosed splash guard can prevent damage to personnel due to the strong laser light.

Applicable Materials:

  • Carbon steel/ Stainless steel/ Aluminium/ Brass/ Copper and other material (different power due to different thickness)

Standard Equipment:

  • Water Chiller
  • Laser generator
  • Laser cutting head
  • Scrap Conveyor

Option Equipment:

  • Air dryer(tropical climate required)
  • Dust collector


Applicable Industries:

  • Automotive/motorcycle
  • Bicycle
  • Leisure products
  • Machine manufacturing
  • Aerospace
  • Steel structure manufacturing
  • Furniture industry


Model YLM lasertube 3d pro

Machine Dimensions (LxWxH mm) 14550x4000x2450
Machine Weight (Kg) 14000
Tube O.D. (mm) ? 20 ~ ? 152.4 (side min. ? 20 mm~ max. diagonal ? 152.4 mm)
Applicable Tube Types Round/ Square/ Rectangular/ Oval/ Special Shapes/ Open Section
Max. Tube Length (mm) 6500
Min. Residual Material (mm) 150
Max. Products Length (mm) 3000
Axes Travels X (mm) 7000
Y (mm) 200
Z (mm) 180
A (°) 360
B (°) ± 45
Axes Feed Rate X (m/min) 30
Y (m/min) 30
Z (m/min) 30
A (°/s) 850
B (°/s) 850
Laser Power(W) 1000/2000/3000
Total Power(Kw) 23

The mentioned specifications & dimensions are subject to change without notice.

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