YLM – CNC Electric Tube Bender CNC25 MS-AE

YLM - CNC Electric Tube Bender CNC25 MS-AE

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YLM – CNC Electric Tube Bender CNC25 MS-AE

Fully electric CNC pipe bender, All Electric Multi Stack CNC tube Bending machine
The machine is equipped with a powerful functioning CNC controller. The controller employs a windows operation system in combination with the use of Ying Han self-developed CNC control software. Outstanding features include easy generation of bending parameters, 3D workpiece simulation function and single step operational simulation function, etc. These provide users with safe, easy and humanised control features.

The YLM range of CNC all electric benders combines the energy savings and quite operation of electric servo control with advanced design features and software to provide the package customers are looking for. The software features the teaching mode programming operation with precise positioning of all movements.

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