Smartshift Robotics – Automatic pneumatic electric clutch set

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Smartshift Robotics


For applications where tool changing is a necessary for changing applications, the automatic tool changer is a good option. This is the full set of SMARTSHIFT solution where both mechanical, pneumatic and optionally also electric connection can pass through the clutch.

Product Features and Specifications

  • Fast – Works at high speed with high stiffness
  • Accurate –With the range of five hundredth of a millimeter in all directions and angles
  • Flexible – Possible to work on multiple tasks in same production line
  • Ease of use – Easy to deploy and redeploy with smart mechanical design
  • UR cap available – Easy installation and hereby high security
  • Handling payload – 20 kg
  • Connection 
    • Pneumatic 2xG 1/8″
    • Electric M8 8 pin 24 V 1 AMP
  • Weight total – 2170g

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