OSCAM – Multibend Stirrup Bending Machine – Model Multibend 16 Doublebend [made in Italy]

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Multibend 16 Doublebend


OSCAM – Multibend Stirrup Bending Machine – Model Multibend 16 Doublebend

To easily, quickly and fully automatically realise each type of polygonal stirrups, hoops and spirals from coil both hot-rolled and cold-drawn.

All models are easy to use and require low maintenance.

The stirrrup machines allow the data downloading and are equipped with an advanced auto-diagnostic system and a complete statistical program. If it is not avilable steel from coil, it is possible to work also from bars.

Multibend 16 Doublebend

For the production  of stirrups from coil and big shapes bent on both sides. Quick and strong from coil, the stirrup bending machine allows to reduce off-cuts thus maintaining high productivity.

Optional Multibend: Barcode Scanner, Pay-offs, Raised Working Plane, Stirrup Collector, Safety  Fence

Oscam was founded in 1938 and, first in the world, created and patented automatic iron bending machines.

Today, Oscam, with its vast range and decades of experience, is able to cover every type of requirement in the processing of reinforced concrete rods, from the smallest machines to giant systems.

Oscam is universally known for its high quality standards, the exceptional robustness, the durability of its products and the high productivity of its machines. All this, combined with very low management and maintenance costs, is the reason why it has been chosen by the most demanding pre-shapers and the largest international contractors, for whom total reliability is essential.

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