Tube and Pipe Bending Machine

eryeliNew and Demo Machinery

We have an ever changing stock of new and demo machine tools , please contact us for machine availability and check list below for continued updates

Current New and Demo Stock available to immediate 

  • ABCD Model Premier 550 – aluminium sawing machine
  • Mackma model BM48 – non mandrel bender
  • Mackma model BM60 – non mandrel bender
  • Mackma model BM76 – non mandrel bender
  • Mackma model BM100 – non mandrel bender
  • Fong Ho model FHC350D – manual cold saw
  • Fong Ho FHC350-SA – Circular Cold Saw
  • Fong Ho FHC50-SA – 60mm diameter semi-automatic chamfering machine

Download our New and Demo Stock – Specs and Pricing for product details and pictures

Used Machinery

We deal in a large range of used machine tools and accessories please contact us for your specific requirements and machinery you are looking to trade in or sell

We also sell machines on consignment and are happy to talk to you about your machines current sale value

Current used stock:

  • Milwaukee #2 Milling Machine – Model K  (REDUCED PRICE: A$ 1,200 + GST)
  • Diaform 8/1 Wheel Forming Attachment (REDUCED PRICE: A$ 1,000 + GST)
  • Swadesir Manual Pipe Bender (REDUCED PRICE: A$ 1,200 + GST)
  • Swadesir Tube Bending Machine (REDUCED PRICE: A$ 5,000 + GST)

For product details and pictures download the download our Used Stock – Specs and Pricing document

Second Hand Tube Benders

Second Hand Tube Benders Save Money Without Compromising Quality

Should you invest in second hand tube benders for your manufacturing company? The capabilities to reliably bend and shape metal for simple products and complex assemblies alike are essential, but the equipment necessary is often very expensive. Too often, it may be prohibitively so — but used, and well-serviced equipment offers a solution to that problem. At Delahenty Machinery, we’ve made it our mission to provide our partners with superior solutions and better options for acquiring the much-needed industrial equipment they require. From bending stock pipe into new handrails to creating complex plumbing or pumping fixtures, these units enable your team to do more with less. What should you know about these machines, and how do we provide the best service possible when you want to make a purchase?

The Benefits of a Used Mandrel Tube Bender for Sale

There are several reasons to consider purchasing a mandrel tube bender, particularly one that may not be factory-new but still has a long service life left. The better price is, of course, the biggest benefit of such a purchase, but the equipment itself provides several advantages that should factor into your purchasing decision. The other benefits include:

  • Easier bending operations for a wide variety of metal tubes. Because these benders use an interior “mandrel” that helps the piping retain its shape during bending, there is less deformation and less stress placed on the metal.
  • These units last for many years of dependable operation. When correctly serviced at the appropriate interval, you can run your benders at higher loads for more extended periods without worrying about downtime.
  • When you purchase a well-maintained used hydraulic unit, the only real difference is in the price tag. Those cost savings could prove significant to your operational success.

What You Can Expect from Us Regarding Our Used Hydraulic Pipe Bender for Sale

Investing in hydraulic metalworking equipment is a major step — you deserve to know that you’re not taking a blind leap of faith. With that in mind, what should you anticipate from the second hand equipment services we provide? Here’s what to expect when you choose to buy from Delahenty Machinery:

  • World-class industrial machinery originally sourced from leading manufacturers. We only provide best-in-class solutions designed to support operations such as yours.
  • Units that have undergone a thorough multi-point inspection and refurbishing process to ensure they are ready to go to work directly upon arrival at your location.
  • Transport and training. Not only will we bring your new equipment to your location, wherever that is, but we’ll also provide on-machine training, so your staff has the knowledge they need.

Why Delahenty Machinery is a Cost-Effective Solution for a Second Hand Pipe Bender

Helping our customers achieve superior value is vital to our team. Alongside our used equipment offerings, we also provide parts and service as needed. No matter where you are in Australia, our professional technicians are always happy to visit you on site to provide the maintenance necessary to keep your equipment in top working condition. To make further inquiries about purchasing, contact us today.