Used Machinery for Sale List


We deal in a large range of used machine tools and accessories please contact us for your specific requirements and machinery you are looking to trade in or sell.

We also sell machines on consignment and are happy to talk to you about your machines current sale value

Current list of Used stock for sale:

  • HERBER – Tube Bending Machine
    • SOLD
  • MILWAUKEE #2 – Milling Machine – Model K
    • (REDUCED PRICE: A$ 1,200 + GST) – SOLD
  • DIAFORM – 8/1 Wheel Forming Attachment
    • (REDUCED PRICE: A$ 1,000 + GST) – SOLD
  • SWADESIR – Tube Bending Machine
    • (REDUCED PRICE: A$ 5,000 + GST) – SOLD

Contact us today on 03-9800-1544 to discuss how we can assist.