YLM – NC-44 – NC Tube Pipe Bender

YLM – NC-44 – NC Tube Pipe Bender
YLM – NC-130 - NC Tube Pipe Bender
YLM – NC-130 - NC Tube Pipe Bender
YLM – NC-130 - NC Tube Pipe Bender
YLM – NC-130 - NC Tube Pipe Bender
YLM – NC-38 – NC Tube Pipe Bender

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YLM – NC-44 – NC tube pipe bender


  • One axis numerical controlled of bending-axis by encoder / hydraulic valves
  • Bending angle controlled by micro encoder, provides ± 0.1 tolerance
  • Mitsubishi PLC ( Programmable Logic Control ) system
  • Provides 200 programs memory, each program with 20 angles (bends)
  • Provides anticipated two steps mandrel retraction
  • Provides pressure die booster
  • Provides pressure die micro adjustment of backward to protect the ball mandrel.
  • Provides pressure die repetition
  • Bending movement time can be programmable to meet different demands.
  • 6” display touch screen to operate the machine easily
  • Emergency stop of two safety plates with bending arm for working safety

Bending tooling & Accessories:

  • Bending die
  • Clamping die
  • Pressure die / guide die
  • Mandrel (bullet shape)
  • 6 pieces of stoppers for tube length control
  • A working table for tube rotation fixtures (standard size)
  • Wiper die rack
  • Ball mandrel / multiple-direction ball mandrel (optional)
  • Wiper die (optional)
  • Split bending die (optional)

The machine adopting solenoid valve and integrated circuit to control separately, which can be extend the life of the hydraulic parts.
The computer system can automatically detect shortly malfunctioning point to allow operator to solve problems.
We can supply wide range of bending machines capable of bending tube O.D. up to 203 mm (8” diameter). Tube wall thickness up to 10 m/m.

NC tube bender, NC Hydraulic Tube Bender Machine

  • The machine with solenoid valve and integrated circuit to control individual bending motion separately, which also extend the lifetime of the hydraulic parts.
  • Three steps hydraulic oil flow for better coding and precipitation to prevent oil deterioration.
  • Large model bending machine is equipped with manual hydraulic adjusting valve to control the speed of bending motion.
  • Bending motion is controlled by low speed positioning device to obtain the accuracy of bending angles.
  • Various angles can be programmed to work multiple bending sequence.
    Eliminating tube material feeding / loading time.
  • Both manual and automatic operation are available and all machines are equipped with emergency stop device.
  • The main shaft is specially heat treated.
    All parts are tested and assembled with strict quality control to meet the specification of ISO 9001 and CE standard.


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Machine NameNC 44TSQ
Max. O.D. Wall (mm)45*2.5
Range Of CLR (°)190
Range Of Bending (°)10~190
Operating Height (mm)900
Horse Pwer (hp)5,00
Lenght (mm)2450
Widht (mm)775
Height (mm)900
Weight (kgs)1250
Range Of Bending Speed (mm/sn)90 3~4 /sn