YLM – CNC Hybrid Tube Bending Machine – CNC-130S2-6A

YLM - CNC Hybrid Tube Bending Machine - CNC-130S2-6A







Features of Hybrid Tube Bender

1. The series of machines employ hydraulic valves and integrated circuits to control bending motion individually, which will extend the service life of he hydraulic parts.
2. Large bending machine is equipped with a manually adjusted digital flow regulation valve to control the speed of bending motion.
3. Servo drive provides high accuracy in bending position, which ensures high-quality bending.

Suitable industries: Exercise equipment, Boiler, Shipbuilding, Heavy transportation vehicle, Chemical engineering, Power plant, Diesel engine

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  • Draw+Rollers-Bending
  • 3D Simulation of Bending Process and application


  • Machine Name CNC-130S2-6A
  • Max. tube o.d. bending capacity(Mild steel CLR1.5D)(mm) 127×3.2
  • Range of CLR (°) 500
  • Max. bending radius difference (mm) 150
  • Max. bending angle (°) 190
  • Mandrel working distance (mm) 4500
  • Manufacture speed Max. Tube feeding speed (mm/sec) 466
  • Tube rotation speed (mm/sec) 99
  • Max. Tube bending speed (mm/sec) 25
  • Repeatability Tube feeding Precision (mm) ± 0.1
  • Tube rotation Precision (mm) ± 0.1
  • Tube bending Precision (mm) ± 0.1
  • Overall weight (Kgs) 14300
  • Machine length (mm) 8977
  • Machine width (mm) 2280
  • Machine height (mm) 1735
  • Operating height (mm) 1182