PAYAPRESS – HPM 63S – Punching and Notching Machine

PAYAPRESS – HPM 63S – Punching and Notching Machine
PAYAPRESS – HPM 63S – Punching and Notching Machine
PAYAPRESS – HPM 63S – Punching and Notching Machine
PAYAPRESS – HPM 63S – Punching and Notching Machine
PAYAPRESS – HPM 63S – Punching and Notching Machine
PAYAPRESS – HPM 63S – Punching and Notching Machine
PAYAPRESS – HPM 63S – Punching and Notching Machine
PAYAPRESS – HPM 63S – Punching and Notching Machine
PAYAPRESS – HPM 63S – Punching and Notching Machine







Hydraulic Sheet Metal Punch & Cutting Machine
Capable of punching holes on steel up to 2mm thickness, it’s economical price, high efficiency and variety of dies are the most important features of this device. Suitable for electrical panel, elevator factories, extractor Industries and etc.

Switch the dies pretty easy and also very fast, the strong body of this machine will prevent continual leap. As like as other Payapress punching machines this one is also equipped with the “Laser pointer” which helps you to find the center of the holes easily and facilitate the speed in the punching operation.

Wide range of dies; Round dies, square dies, rectangular dies, louvre dies and etc.

Sheet Metal Punch & Cutting Machine Features

The adjustments on this device is really user-friendly which includes “digital ruler indicator” for X and Y axis which is optional and “handy lock” in Y axis to make series holes in a line. The HOME point of the device is the reference point of the X and Y axes of the device, which for the X axis is at the end of the right side of the axis and the Y axis is the end of the axis, which is limited by the induction sensor.

Punches and Dies
A) Male die
B) Female die
C) Male Die connector
D) Female Die connector
E) Big Nut

Round molds

This machine is capable of punching sheet metals up to 34 mm. These dies can be used to create; Signal Lamp punch, all kinds of screws in different sizes from M4 and upper sizes and could be used instead of glands as well.

7×7, 9×9 and 15×15 foursquare
One of the most used dies in recent years are small dies that are used instead of screws and clamps. There is the possibility of making these dies with the desired and requested size by the customer’s order.

22×22 foursquare
In the past, this mold was used a lot in the switchgear industry, but now it is less used in the industry and it will be send to you according to your device capacity.

Miniature fuse molds
These molds are the most used types of molds in the field of industrial switchboards. It should be noted that sometimes these molds are considered a little bigger so that the miniature fuse can be accurately placed after the color.

Using a square mold for cutting
Sometimes some users, use sheet metal punch machine instead of a guillotine to reduce production costs. In this case, the following mold is suggested, which can make parallel cuts on the surface of the sheet in one line. Obviously, the dimensions can be changed, but due to the lack of width in this case, if we want to take the width less than the image below, the male die will cause fragility.

92×92 Punch (Ammeter):
The most used mold ordered in Payapress Industrial Company is the ammeter mold, this mold is one of the most used and most important among others.

Counterbored mold
Among the widely used molds in the switchgear industries are the counterbored molds. These molds can create a protrusion on the surface of the sheet, They are very important in situations where the joint of the board is supposed to be far from the ground or the wall, or to connect two Panels are used interchangeably.

Variety of locks
Siemens lock: The most conventional lock that is generally used in the switchboard industry is the Siemens lock, but it is obvious that using a variety of locks in your product introduction basket can create good added value for switchboard manufacturers.

Briefcase lock
Which were conventionally used in briefcases in the past. Some of these locks have keys, like the general locks, and they are produced with different materials. These types of locks are in addition to the electrical panels is used in firefighting panels and ATM boxes as well.

Mito lock
Recently, this lock has been widely used due to the beautiful appearance it gives to the panel.

Vent molds
The use of these molds is quite clear and it creates ventilation in electrical panels. In this regard, different modes are suggested, and we will examine three examples of these ventilators below.

Two-row ventilator
This mold creates two ventilation slots in each stroke. The mechanism of this mold is in such a way that in order to create air vents in a long series, the air vent mold is placed on the sheet and all the air vents are placed in a line with the positions embedded on the surface of the male die. The standard distance is shown in the map below, but it is possible to customize the sizes you want.

Three-row ventilator
This type of ventilator has a lower quality from a practical point of view to create ventilation, but due to its good appearance, it is used in some LV and MV panels.

Corner cutter molds
One of the most important possibilities of the punching machine is cornering. Due to the high price of the machines that do the cornering work alone, this possibility can be easily implemented on the punching machine by reducing the production costs.

Three conventional examples of cornering are used in the switchgear industry, which will be described separately below:

Simple Corner cutter

The most common use of this simple cornering mold is to make a simple cut.
With the help of this mold, you can create the desired dimensions of your cornering on the surface of the sheet by changing the positions on the female die’s surface in the X and Y axis. In the normal case, this possibility can be done up to 50 mm. If the consumer needs a mold with cornering up to 80 cm, we can also design and manufacture it by order.

Two-bend cornering mold
This mold is used to make two bends in two directions.

Special cornering mold
If you request a template different from the templates described in the cornering section above, you can order the types of templates that are used in your industry.

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