IMET – BS 300 PLUS SHI – semiautomatic bandsaw

IMET - BS 300 PLUS SHI - semiautomatic bandsaw
IMET - BS 300 PLUS SHI - semiautomatic bandsaw
IMET - BS 300 PLUS SHI - semiautomatic bandsaw
IMET - BS 300 PLUS SHI - semiautomatic bandsaw
IMET - BS 300 PLUS SHI - semiautomatic bandsaw

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IMET – BS 300 PLUS SHI – semiautomatic bandsaw

Semiautomatic bandsaw for small, medium production

BS 300 PLUS SHI is the semiautomatic bandsaws intended to cut both left (up to 60°) and right (from 0° to 45°). The machine is a suitable working tool for small and medium batch production for mechanics and steelwork.


Cutting capacity at 90°Round 255 mm. Square 230 mm. Rectangular 300x180mm
Cutting capacity at 45° rightRound 210 mm. Square 190 mm. Rectangular 200x180mm
Cutting capacity at 45° leftRound 180 mm. Square 160 mm. Rectangular 180x100mm
Cutting capacity at 60° leftRound 135 mm. Square 110 mm. Rectangular 130x100mm
Cutting capapcity with bundle device250x130mm
Maximum capacity for full materials180mm
Blade size.2765x27x0,9
End-cutting bandsaw inclination
Blade motor1,5/1,8 kw
Blade speed35/70
15÷110 m/min
Hydraulic unit motor powerkw 0,37
Hydraulic united tankLt 12
Coolant tankLt 20
Size – Weight1230x1700x1750 mm
Working table height940 mm

Wide working area : BS 300 PLUS is equipped with a wide diameter working area and a system of automatic easy stops at 0°, 45° and 60° left and 45° right with graduated plate to identify and set different angles.
Opening vice: The vice has adjustable guides, free to move alongside the worktable, with rapid approaching and camping.

Rigid sawframe: Machine sawframe is rigid cast-iron with tubolar section, 320 mm pulleys, high blade tension at 1700 kg/cm2 and to avoid an excessive strain on the blade with frontal regulation and microswitch conroller.

Blade protection: A carter protect che blade, allowing to have easy access for maintentance when needed; a system with blade guides with hard pads, additional lateral bearings provides for the perfect allignment of the blade

Easy to use: Safe starting through the button on the handle with warning light to inform the use about the correct machine functioning. Coolant-tank and electropump are placed inside the floor stand.
Electromic inverter (Optional): If required, the electronic inverter for variable blade speed allows the operator via keyboard to adjust the machine to be able to cut a wide range of materials and different sections. The change of speed is via inverter and it does not affect the power of the engine even at low speeds.

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