FONG HO – Metal Chamfering Machine – FHC-75EA

FONG HO - Metal Chamfering Machine - FHC-75EA
FONG HO - Metal Chamfering Machine - FHC-75EA
FONG HO - Metal Chamfering Machine - FHC-75EA

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FONG HO – Metal Chamfering Machine – FHC-75EA


  • Compact unit requiring little space.
  • Designed and engineered for chamfering and trimming inner and outer end angles on circular pipe or bar stock at one time, providing efficient and precise performance.
  • Delicate clamping vice and cutter head ensure high concentricity of results.
  • Specially designed cutter head and standardised cutter make cutter adjustment easy.
  • Simple structure made possible by shaft server motor drive and cam-feeding with the same motion and shorten cycle time. Easy setting and fast adjustment by touch sensing screen.
  • Easy operation allows one person to control multiple machines.
  • Motion cycle includes automatic material in feed through a channel (automatic feeder is optional). Automatic cutting feeding retracting and automatic workpiece out feed. Continuous motion cycles provide high machining speed, high accuracy, reduced labor requirement and easy operation while greatly upgrading productivity.

Spindle Motor (kw(hp))

  • 3 HP(2.2kw) x 2 ps (std.)
  • 4kw(1/2hp)~2.2kw(3hp) (opt.)

Spindle Speed (rpm)

  • 800~2500 (std.)
  • 300~1500 (opt.)

Frequency Converter (kw(hp))

  • 5kw(7.5hp) (std.)
  • 5kw(2hp)~5.5kw(7.5hp) (opt.)

Server-Motor Feding (kw): 1kw (Optional)

Air Pressure (mpa): 6~8kg/cm², 120ml/min 0.6~0.8mpa

Applicable Materials: Various pipes including steel, iron, stainless steel, aluminium, bronze
Inner Angle and End Face (mm)

  • Pipe and Bar: O.D.Ø12~Ø52/t0.8~5
  • D. Outter I.D.: O.D.Ø8~Ø12/t0.8~5 (opt.)

Workpiece Length (mm)

  • L20~120mm
  • L12~20mm (opt.)

Cutterhead (mm)

  • A type Ø12~Ø52,(MAXØ60)(std.)
  • B type Ø5~ Ø12 (opt.)

Machine Dimensions (LxWxH) (mm): 1900x1300x1600

Packing Dimensions (LxWxH) (mm): 2000x1400x1700

N.W. (kg): 1050

G.W. (kg): 1220
Standard Equipment:

  • Standard cutterhead for left and right 2 sets
  • Circular clamp two pieces in one set

Optional Equipment:

  • Custom cutterhead
  • Custom circular clamp
  • Vibration or ATF. Automatic carriage feeder
  • End Knurling Device
  • Mist cooling device

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