Fraud Blocker Automating CNC Machine Tending Overview

Automating CNC Machine Tending Overview

Machine tending can be a dull and dangerous job that requires a high level of consistency – even after many hours of work. Automating your machine tending job increases safety for your workers and frees them up for higher level tasks. Plus, it also increases productivity and allows for production to continue after operators have left the workshop, meaning you can take on bigger jobs. 

With the OnRobot dual gripper solution, you can significantly decrease cycle times as it is able to handle 2 objects and actions simultaneously.

In this video we will highlight the main considerations needed to Automate a CNC Machine Tending Application. The first step before deploying any industrial robotic application is to completely analyse the process that needs to be automated.


As an essential partner, OnRobot products offering now opens new possibilities for automating robotics and cobotics tasks to our customers and their businesses.

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