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4 Types of Tube Benders Available Today

4 Types of Tube Benders

Tube benders are popular in the manufacturing industry to provide assistance and improve bend quality.

These days, there are several types of tube benders available on the market. Each type of tube bending machine has unique features attached to them and also poses its own set of limitations. It can be hard to choose which one is right for you so here is an easy-to-read guide about different types of tube benders and their specifications. So that you can get a clear idea of which tube bender best fits your needs.

Twin Head Tube Benders

Twin Head Tube Benders are designed to bend two bends simultaneously and are ideal for high speed bending. It can produce 2 to 3 pipes each time. The twin-head tube bender is designed with a space between the two heads, which allows the user to change tools quickly and efficiently.

If you need to bend heavier-duty materials, such as stainless-steel tubing, then an automatic machine.

Twin Head Tube Bender may be right for you. These models are usually larger, but they have higher production rates and can handle large amounts of material at once.

They are ideal for automotive seat frames, handles, furniture, frames and can be tooled to bend the following profiles:

  • Round Tube or Pipe
  • Square Tube or Rectangular Tube
  • Solid Rod
  • Flat Stock
  • Angle Iron
  • Aluminium Extrusions
  • Some Roll Formed Sections

Full Electric CNC Tube Benders

A CNC or Computer Numerically Controlled tube bender is an exclusively automatic tube bending machine. This tube bender is mostly preferred over a manual one as it can create more accurate high-quality bends without any errors.

Full electric tube benders can easily be controlled and operated by using a simple computer program. The CNC tube bender often comes with integrated software that allows for 3D stimulations of the products. The software will also allow the user to change various parameters on the machine and customise it for their particular needs.

The CNC tube bender software also allows the user to input their specifications into the machine to guide and oversee the bending process. The CNC tube bender will then bend the metal according to these specifications. The software controllers allow a user to produce the desired product without needing to interact with the machine.

Hybrid CNC Tube Benders

Hybrid CNC Tube Benders are designed for the companies looking for an economical way to enter into CNC benders. Hybrid CNC tube benders make it possible for users to get the best of both worlds: speed and accuracy of electric servo bending control with the power of hydraulic clamping and boost bending to produce high-quality, consistent results without having to pay for an expensive automated machine.

Semi-auto Tube Benders (NC)

NC (Numerical Control) pipe bending machine is a semi-automatic, computer-controlled type of tube bender.  The pipe feeding and rotation process is executed manually, the bending is carried out by hydraulic cylinder.

It is a practical semi-automatic pipe bending machine solution for small and medium-sized production. It can help you reach your goal in pipe bending work in the most economical way. Semi-auto tube benders can be used in almost any industry including automotive, aerospace, trucking, and construction. Semi-auto tube benders allow you to bend tubing with ease and precision. Tube bending is necessary when working with tubes that need to be bent into various shapes such as circles or ovals.

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