CHENLONG – Fully Automatic Band Saw Machine – Model GZ-4240

CHENLONG - Fully Automatic Band Saw Machine - Model GZ-4240
CHENLONG - Fully Automatic Band Saw Machine - Model GZ-4240
CHENLONG - Fully Automatic Band Saw Machine - Model GZ-4240







This GZ-4240 fully automatic band saw machine is an equipment for cutting metal materials with bi-metal band saw blades, featuring compact construction, fast cutting speed, high precision, narrow kerf, less noise, easy operation etc.. It is an energy-saving product to replace reciprocating sawing machine and is widely used for cutting metal materials in various industries such as construction, automobile, transportation, bridge-building, ship-building etc.
✔ Double Column Type
✔ Fully-automatic
✔ Hydraulic Downfeed

The GZ4240 double column automatic feed bandsaw’s hydraulic system can automatically clamp, cut, and feed bundles. The heavy steel frame on this 3 phase automatic bandsaw maintains accuracy. The automatic feed will help reduce scrap, labor costs, and errors, while the simple design and good quality components will ensure easy service and reduced down-time. The carbide blade guides and bearing are to promote longevity.


  • P.L.C. control for all electric and hydraulic function.
  • Cuts up to 400mm round and 400 x 400 mm rectangle at 90°.
  • Hydraulically controlled dual vise clamping system.
  • Roller bearing with carbide blade guide system.Automatic work height control by fast approach bar sensor.Preset cut counter with shut off. Out of stock shut off.Multiple indexing (9 times). Nesting fixture for bundle cutting. Power driven blade cleaning brush. Idler wheel motion detector with blade stalling and breakage shut off. Flushing hose for machine cleaning.
  • Desired number of parts controlled by electronic part counter.Carbide blade guides and rollers, Roller conveyor, Automatic blade breakage control, Hydraulic blade tension,Coolant system
  • 0.75 kW motor runs the low-pressure hydraulic system.
  • Cutting speed range is 19/30/50/65/90 m/min.
  • Accepts a standard 41×1.3×4650 mm blade for speed and precision.
  • Available in 380-volt 3-phase models . Also customized voltage for different customer.
  • touchscreen programmer is easy to use, so you can get to work right away.
  • Digital encoders helpful to feed the material to repeatable cuts.
  • Hydraulic large-capacity bundling system clamps the material tight to ensure a consistent cut across all of the pieces.
  • The programmer can run in manual or automatic mode.
  • Power blade cleaning brush and coolant system keep the saw clean and make blades last longer.
  • In case a blade breaks, automatic blade shut-off protects your safety.
  • Bright halogen work light lets you clearly see what the machine’s doing.
  • Cutting Capacity
    • 0° ● Ø400 mm
    • 0° ▅ 400 mm Wx400 mm H
  • Drive Capacity
    • Main Motor 4.0 kW
    • Hydraulic Motor 0.75 kW
    • Coolant Pump 0.06 kW
  • Blade Speed – 19, 30, 50, 65, 90 m/min
  • Blade Size 34×1.1×4650 mm
  • Workpiece Clamping Hydraulic Vise
  • Blade Tensioning Manual
  • Main Drive Wormwheel Drive
  • Multiple Feed 500 mmx9 times
  • Machine Size (LxWxH) 2265 x 2200 x 1550 mm

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