Fraud Blocker Product Bulletin - 2FGP20 - Finger set

Product Bulletin – 2FGP20 – Finger set for KLT boxes

We are happy to inform that a new finger set for the 2FGP20 parallel gripper is now available from OnRobot.

The finger set enhances the gripper’s ability to handle KLT boxes and other open plastic containers.

Why are we releasing this?

The new finger set for the 2FGP20 opens new opportunities in Palletising and Transferring tasks in a wide range of industries where the handling of KLT and open plastic containers are required. The 2FGP20 with the new finger set will be one of the first, if not the first, standard gripping solutions on the market for handling such box types.

What is a KLT box?  A KLT box, also known as Euro container, is an industrial stacking container conforming to the VDA 4500 standard.

They come in many different sizes and variants, closed versions or perforated versions and for boxes designed for other industries than automotive, the size might abbreviate from the sizes defined in the standard.

The common denominator of the different container types is the collar in the box design. Gripping functionality.

The new Finger set for KLT boxes ensures a reliable grip, as the fingers are adjustable to fit into the collar of most box variants to support the lifting and handling of the box.

The set comes with two fingers that can easily be mounted on the 2FP20 gripper and supporting finger locks can be adjusted to the individual box type.

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