Fraud Blocker Preston General Engineering investing in tube bending technology

Preston General Engineering continue to invest in advanced tube bending technology

Taking a further step to develop a state-of-the-art manufacturing operation, Preston General Engineering (PGE), have invested in an advanced all electric tube bending machine, the YLM CNC90 multi-stack.

PGE a division of ABCOR Pty Ltd, is the industry leader in the fabrication and assembly of metal, aluminium and stainless steel parts. PGE has a proven track record of performance to deliver cost effective and on time solutions. The new YLM CNC90 all electric bender combines the energy savings and quite operation of electric servo control with advanced design features and software to provide the package PGE was looking for.

Preston General Engineering continue to invest in advanced technology

Adapting to the customer’s needs.

Delahenty Machinery who manufacture tube bending tooling at their factory in Knoxfield Victoria was able to add value by repurposing PGEs tooling from existing machines and adapt to suit the new all electric tube bender.

The YLM CNC90 is equipped with a powerful functioning CNC controller. The controller employs a windows operation system in combination with the use of Ying Han self-developed CNC control software. Outstanding features include easy generation of bending parameters, 3D workpiece simulation function and single step operational simulation function, etc. These provide users with safe, easy, and humanised control features.


YLM CNC-90 all electric multi stack tube bender

The low-profile bend head design uniquely offset from centre of machine frame provides clearance for complicated parts that cannot be obtained on other brands of equipment.

An integrated gearbox reducer with multi layer drive chain assembly provides for a smooth controlled operational start / stop movement of the bend arm extending the chain life many years beyond traditional hydraulic benders.

In addition, the all electric machine with its low decibel level production reduces operator fatigue and general improvement of shop conditions.

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