Fraud Blocker Hilton Manufacturing invests in lean sanding processes with KASSOW collaborative robot

Hilton Manufacturing invests in lean sanding processes with KASSOW collaborative robot

Founded in 1976, Hilton Manufacturing specialises in precision sheet metal manufacturing and has a longstanding commitment to investing in lean manufacturing capabilities to maintain its global competitiveness.

Recently, Delahenty Machinery has entered into a partnership with Hilton to implement a Kassow robotic sanding solution aimed at further enhancing their lean manufacturing culture. This strategic investment is designed to streamline production processes, thereby ensuring cost competitiveness through reductions in labor costs, physical footprint, running expenses, and supplier response times.

The Kassow 7-axis collaborative robot, renowned for its extended range of motion and superior task accuracy, has been selected for its suitability in industrial sanding applications. Delahenty Machinery’s proposed cobot sanding solution includes the versatile OnRobot electric orbital sander, capable of accommodating various part geometries to ensure consistent and high-quality finishes. The integration of OnRobot’s grit changer enables automated switching between different sanding discs, minimising downtime and reducing reliance on manual labor.

Hilton Manufacturing invests in lean sanding processes.
Hilton Manufacturing - Kassow - KR1410

The key feature of our KASSOW robots is the intuitive user interface.  The modern-tablet based interface is using all benefits of the powerful Android System to help users build their applications.

  • Split screen concept
  • Block based programming
  • Optimised for robot applications
  • Responsive and intuitive environment
  • Dynamic content support, native 3D engines
KASSOW collaborative robot
KASSOW collaborative robot - KR1410

Moreover, the initiative underscores a commitment to employee engagement and safety. By leveraging robotic automation, the project aims to mitigate workplace injury risks associated with high vibration from traditional hand tools and exposure to fine dust particles.

We invite you to engage with Delahenty Machinery to explore how our innovative robotic automation solutions can revolutionise your manufacturing operations, driving efficiency and competitiveness in your industry.

Hilton Manufacturing-KASSOW collaborative robot
KASSOW collaborative robot - KR1410
Kassow - KR1410 - Hilton Manufacturing
Kassow - KR1410 - Hilton