Fraud Blocker Delahenty Machinery Launch Cobotics Applications Partnership

Delahenty Machinery launch cobotics applications partnership

As we continue our 2021 series of new partnerships and rollouts, Delahenty Machinery is pleased to welcome OnRobot to our Cobot Manufacturing Solutions Range.

OnRobot’s wide assortment of EOAT and End Effectors make them a global leader in collaborative robot applications. Their cutting-edge gripping and sensing systems for lightweight industrial automation empowers businesses easily.  We design truly collaborative applications that enable their workforce to work side-by-side with collaborative robots on assembly, surface finishing, pick and place, machine tending or testing.

  • We are excited about our new partnerships with OnRobot. The Delahenty team is immensely proud to join forces with OnRobot to form a One Stop Shop for Collaborative Applications. OnRobot’s expertise in the collaborative robot industry will definitively bring our customers to new heights, giving them more efficiency and productivity in all simplicity.’ – Michael McCarthy, Company Director – Delahenty Machinery.
  • Together with the Kassow Robot range Delahenty now offers all the tools a business needs to automate more. These solutions allow businesses to save time and grow quickly through unified programming, easy deployment and zero complexity.

OnRobot - Kassow Robot Range Delahenty
OnRobot - Kassow Robot Range available at Delahenty Machinery

As an essential partner, OnRobot products offering now opens new possibilities for automating robotics and cobotics tasks to our customers and their businesses.

Contact us today to discuss our OnRobot range of EOAT and End Effectors can improve your business.

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