Fraud Blocker COMAC universal profile bending machine provides the architectural edge for Thermeco

COMAC universal profile bending machine provides the architectural edge for Thermeco

Thermeco positions itself as a global leader in advanced window and door systems, emphasising innovation, design excellence, and environmental sustainability. Specialising in thermal break technology, their product range includes aluminum, minimal, steel, and brass systems, catering to both residential and commercial projects.

Their commitment to quality and precision is highlighted by investments in state-of-the-art machinery like the COMAC Model 305 section rolling bending machine from Delahenty Machinery. This technology enables Thermeco to manufacture bespoke architectural profiles, allowing for highly customised window systems that meet the unique demands of Australian architecture.

COMAC, The Architectural Edge For Thermaco.
COMAC bending machine

By integrating European hardware with local Australian manufacturing expertise, Thermeco ensures that their products not only deliver on aesthetic and functional fronts but also minimise environmental impact. The COMAC profile bending machine aligns with this approach and their goal of providing top-tier performance characterised by high accuracy, repeatability, and durability throughout the machine’s lifecycle.

Furthermore, Thermeco’s strategic use of the COMAC 305 with structural oversizing, precision machining, and high-quality OEM components underscores their commitment to reliability and low maintenance requirements. This ensures that their solutions maintain optimum performance over time, catering to the distinctive needs of premium residential and commercial projects in Australia.

The COMAC 305 section and profile rolling machine offers many features:

  • Three driving rolls to guarantee maximum drive on the profile.
  • Bending rolls independently adjustable, for double pre-bending capability on the leading and trailing end of symmetrical profiles.
  • Lateral guide rolls with three-dimensional adjustment.
  • Modular rolls that allow the bending of most profiles.
  • Standard bending rolls of alloy steel, heat treated to surface hardness 60 HRC.
  • Free standing remote control station to control the machine in safety.
  • Possibility to install the machine both in vertical and horizontal position.
  • One-piece fabricated steel frame.
  • Torque limiter installed on top roll shaft.
  • Shaft and pinions installed on high dynamic load roller bearings.
  • Gears coupled directly on splined shaft
  • Windows touch screen controller.
COMAC - MODEL 305 - Section and Profile Rolling Machine
COMAC - MODEL 305 - Section and Profile Rolling Machine
COMAC universal profile bending machine provides the architectural edge for Thermeco

Control Options

  • Standard machines are controlled by means of a push button board that allows the variation of the position of the bending rolls and by a pedal that control the advance and retreat of the profile.
  • Depending on the deformation work to be performed, numerous additional controls are available like, for example, the hydraulic regulation of the lateral guide rolls, the speed regulation by means of a potentiometer, the double speed positioning of the bending rolls and the remote control of the special tooling.
  • In case a high repeatability is required or if particular bending geometries must be achieved, the machines are equipped with programmable positioner (NC), numerical controls with independent axes and numerical controls with interpolated axes (CNC).