NC Hydraulic Guillotine

We offer a full range RICO hydraulic guillotines featuring

  • Heavy duty design with hydraulic operation
  • NC control ELGO P40 on swivel arm
  • Vertical cut with variable cutting angle
  • Continuous or cycle-by-cycle cut
  • Blades holder supported by adjustable bearings
  • Elgo P40 control
  • Squaring arm
  • Management of energy saving “Standby Function”
  • Strong back gauge equipped with high quality hardened ball screws
  • Retractable back gauge
  • Hold down jacks with Teflon tips
  • Light cutting line and front LED lighting
  • RAE system (RICO)
  • CE guarding with Rear cover and photoelectric barriers
  • Optional Sheet support
  • Optional Delem DAC-360 control

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