Wire & Rebar Machinery

CNC Wire Benders

We offer a full range of YLM CNC wire bending machines that feature

  • 3D form bending
  • Electro servo motor control
  • Variable radius bending
  • Models up to 13mm wire diameter
  • Off-coil straightening, bending and cutting
  • Windows based touch screen control
  • Software designed by YLM specifically for 3D wire bending
  • Automatic load / off load systems
  • Off-coil tube versions available
  • Cell and robot integration

CNC Wire Decoilers

We offer a full range of YLM CNC wire decoilers that feature

  • Heavy Duty Motorised uncoiling
  • Decoilers for wire, tube and strip
  • Vertical and horizontal versions
  • Controllable acceleration and deceleration
  • Retrofit

Rebar Machinery

We offer a full range of Ofmer rebar processing machinery comprising the following machine types

  • Rebar bending up to 60mm bar diameter
  • Combined rebar bending and cropping models
  • Stirrup bending machines
  • On-site machines
  • Cropping machines up 60mm diameter
  • Standard and NC control models
  • Spiral ring bending machines
  • Measuring tables
  • Off coil bending and cutting machines
  • Cage making machines