Quick Style Press Brake Clamping

We offer a full range of quick style press brake tool clamping featuring

  • Quick punch clamping systems
  • Quick die clamping systems
  • Rico speed grip system reduces the time spent changing tools by 8.5 times compared with traditional systems.
  • Rico smart LED position indicator controlled by CNC software, providing the operator where to position the tools correctly.

RAM Style End Form

We design and manufacture ram style tooling in Australia featuring

  • Complete set of ram style end form tooling sets
  • Clamp dies
  • Ram punches
  • Flare tooling
  • Beading tooling
  • Double flare tooling
  • Tooling refurbishment
  • Replacement wear parts
  • Lubrication

Re-Cut Service

We offer a full wiper die recut service featuring

  • Re-bore and re-cut of wiper dies
  • Convert solid style to tip and holder style
  • Mounting repairs
  • Fast turn around times
  • Repair and replace wiper die brackets

Solid Wiper Dies

We manufacture a full range of solid wiper dies in Australia featuring

  • Solid tool steel wiper dies
  • Solid AB wiper dies
  • Mounting to suit all manufactures
  • Lubrication mount
  • Fast delivery

Tip Style Wiper Dies

We design and manufacture a full range of tip style wiper dies in Australia feature

  • Tool steel wiper die tips
  • AB wiper die tips
  • Tool steel or AB holders
  • Mounting to suit all manufactures
  • Lubrication mount
  • Fast delivery

Tooling Design

All tooling is design in Australia on 3D CAD prior to manufacture and consists of

  • Full 3D CAD tooling design in house
  • Tooling design to fit production and budget requirements
  • Tooling prints
  • Quick replacement tooling manufacture
  • Continued tool R&D
  • Bent part simulation
  • Tooling price estimation
  • Correct tool steel selection
  • Design and manufacture bent tube jigs and fixtures
  • Reverse engineer tooling
  • Tooling animation

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