Complete Tube Bend Tooling Sets

Bend Tooling Trials

We offer a full bending trial service for the tools we manufacture featuring

  • Full bend tooling trial service
  • Help produce off tool samples
  • Continued support and advice
  • Cycle time reduction
  • Bend quality improvement
  • On site tooling diagnostics
  • Lubrication advice and supply
  • Additional training
  • Tooling refurbishment
  • Software training

Full Bend Tooling Sets

We design and manufacture all bending tooling in Australia featuring

  • Full bend tooling sets
  • Interlock tooling
  • Square, rectangle and oval tooling
  • Extrusion tooling
  • Empty bend tooling
  • Controlled wrinkle
  • Split tooling design
  • Twin head and press bend tooling
  • Exhaust bender tooling
  • Solid and flat bar tooling
  • Quick change tooling design
  • Non mandrel bend tooling

Tooling Design

All tooling is design in Australia on 3D CAD prior to manufacture and consists of

  • Full 3D CAD tooling design in house
  • Tooling design to fit production and budget requirements
  • Tooling prints
  • Quick replacement tooling manufacture
  • Continued tool R&D
  • Bent part simulation
  • Tooling price estimation
  • Correct tool steel selection
  • Design and manufacture bent tube jigs and fixtures
  • Reverse engineer tooling
  • Tooling animation